Our Team: A Partnership for Successful Returns

For our success, Premium Property Trust relies on creative talents required to identify and envision property solutions that transform our local world. Coupled with those talents, we require the business expertise to manage capital requirements, deliver investor returns, and provide transparency to all business practices. Our diverse team brings all the skills needed to achieve our goals for growth and positive outcomes for our investor partners.

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Chris Reebals founded Premium PropertyTrust with the goal of joining like-minded investors into a collective pool in order to enhance their combined abilities to create capital value and residual income. Chris started investing in real estate the year he graduated from Auburn University in architecture; acquiring his first rental home. Over the past 25 years he has acquired close to 50 million dollars in real estate assets and experiences, on average, 15% annual growth in value and asset holdings.

BURKE COX – Chief Executive Officer
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Burke Cox leads the operations of Premium Property Trust. A lifelong friend of Chris, their trust relationship is enhanced by his extensive experience with private capital placement and leading innovative high-value companies. Burke founded his first company in 1999 with a $4M capital raise that exited with a global license agreement with Microsoft corporation. As COO, he led Platinum Solutions from $12M to a sale to SRA for $90M in three years. As President, he led Sevatec from $18M to over $120M in revenue in four years.

MICHAEL HANG – Director of Development
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Michael Hang joined Premium Property Trust after a transition from a successful career in commercial lending and development. Raised in a family of real estate investors and having graduated with honors from the University of Alabama at Birmingham, Michael was quickly recruited by a Fortune 10 company. During his tenure, he closed over $500M in numerous deals from facility construction, acquisitions, and chattel paper. He leads PPT’s various development projects from concept to completion.

MARY SUSAN CASHIO – Executive Assistant to CEO
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Mary Susan Cashio provides our investors and executives a common resource for coordinating investor meetings, updating documents, and answers to questions regarding the performance of the REIT and ongoing projects. Mary Susan graduated from the University of Alabama in 2013 with a degree in Consumer Affairs. After graduation she moved to New York where she earned her Graduate Gemologist degree and worked for one of the 47th street premier diamond wholesale houses. Upon her return to Birmingham she opened Cashio’s Meatball Market which closed prior to her joining PPT.